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Those incredible SAEs!

I had to share a story about SAEs....

Yesterday, I attended the Colorado Aquarium Society spring auction.

They had lots of stuff, including a pretty good selection of plants.
I picked up a bunch of different Cypts, a nice Ruby sword, and a very
large bacopa plant.  (The sellers code was WCP if he/she is on the
list).     Anyway, all the leaves on the upper half of the bacopa
stems had a good bit of BBAe around the edges.  I was actually a little
dissapointed when I saw this.  I figured that I'd eventually trim off
the BBA covered leaves, and be left with a nice plant, but it might take
a while.  Well, I put the plants into the main tank yesterday, and all
five SAEs were checking out the Bacopa.  This morning, it's COMPLETELY
clean.  This was two stems of bacopa, tall (over a foot) with large
(3/4") diameter leaves.  Completely clean.  Not one little hint of
BBA.   I guess I need to get some more BBA to keep the SAE's fed