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chloramine/ammonia and all that jazz

Hmmm, curioser and curioser.  Are you sure it was ammonia that killed
the fish?  Is ist possible it was a pH shift that did the damage?Did you
test the water for ammonia?  I have never heard of this and I know
several ppl in the area who also use sodium thiosulphate with no
appearent problem. 

Our water out of the tap has been known to run as high as 9 and is ofter
8.5 or so.  My tanks are ofter over pH 8 because in my non-plant
Goldfish tanks I use oyster to add alkalinity.

It is possible there really is no chlorimine in my water, but all the
shops in the area are displaying signs form the water company announcing
the addition of chloramine.

Thanks for sharing you experience.  It is certainly something to keep an
eye on.


> Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 15:24:18 -0800
> From: Hoa Nguyen <nguyenh at nosc_mil>
> Subject: Re: water changing
> >From: Broken Tiger <admagee at teleport_com>
> >Subject: Re:
> >
> >I have both chlorine and chloramine in my water and just but my dechlor,
> >which is pure sodium thiosulphate solution 

> I have chloramine also, and I also use sodium thiosulphate BUT ONLY in my
> CO2 injected tank.  The CO2 brings down the pH to a level where the ammonia
> released from the chloramine is mostly less harmful ammonium.  In my office
> tank, which has no CO2 injection and higher pH, I use a dechloraminator which
> also takes care of the ammonia (I have killed fish in this tank when I tried
> using just sodium thiosulphate).
> Hoa