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DIY CO2 bubble size

At the suggestion of several ppl, I made a DIY CO2 injector to help
control my pH which has been all over the map, mostly up, since I
started the plant tank a week or so ago.

Well, I got CO2!

The instructions on the KRIB say I should use about or two bubbles per
minute. I am using a glass bead, low back pressure air stone on the air
line, but cannot get "one or two bubbles per minute." Without an in-line
air valve, I get a nearly steady stream of small, not tiny bubbles. 
With various adjustments, I got bursts of bigger bubbles every 2 or
three seconds, streams of tiny bubbles, or very slow, but steady,
streams of small(vs tiny) bubbles. The instructions don't say what size
bubble should escape once or twice a minute, or if a burst of bubbles
from an air stone counts as one whole bubble or several bubbles.  Iam
confused and concerned.

I settled for the smallest, slowest stream I could manager and await
further clarification.

The Krib article also mentions upping the efficiency and diffusion by
sticking the line in an intake or a diffuser.  I am using a Rio 200
powered with prefilter and a small Aquaclear.  CAn I just stick the
airline in the box of the Aquaclear or run it into the Venturi input on
the Rio?  Of am I ok on a forty gal. currently lightly planted tank with
just the clumsy air stone? Should I go to a higher backpressure?

Do I have too much or too little to start with? I take it I can adjust
appropriately as I monitor my pH later.

thanks for your patience,