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>I have a newly established, heavily planted 20H with 55 Watts CF.
>Flourite substrate
>Lighting 13 hrs/day
>CO2, Seachem Flourish, Flourish Iron Fertilization
>Ph 6.8
>Kh 3
>Dh 7
>NO3: 7.5 ppm
>PO4  .2ppm
>Fe .1ppm
>My stem plants:  Ludwigia, Bacopa, Tricoronis rivularis (Mexican Oak Leaf),
>Telanthera Lilaciana, and Cabomba are all growing well, and have been pruned
>regularly.  My problem is that they all keep "dropping roots" from many of
>the leaf nodes.  The plants seem to be very healthy, but I don't like the
>look.  Is  this caused by some deficency or is are the plants doing "too
These plants tend to be "rooty" anyway. Your tank is doing very well also.
There's no problem with your tank in any way. I'd bring the iron up some to
about .4-.8ppm but if your happy leave it.

You can do a couple or so things to solve the look of roots. Place bushy
plants in front, trim more often(lots of work), not look at the tank<g>,
replace rooty plants with slower growing or less rooty plants, hide the
bottom portions by adding driftwood to block the roots etc or with rocks
etc. or trim the roots off.
Tom Barr