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Tank Stand and Hood Construction Plans


I've been looking on the internet for tank plans and haven't found what
I'm looking for yet.  If anyone has any good links to tank stand and hood
plans please post them for me.  My hobby is woodworking so I have every
tool I'll need.  I'm not looking for simple plans but a well constructed
tank that will be the centerpiece of my living room.  Actually for me
even pictures of nice stands will do as it will give me ideas.  The tank
size will be 75 gallon.  I want to have all of my tank supplies under the
tank as well as a CO2 tank and cannister filter.  If anyone has any hints
on how they store everything please let me know.  I want to plan well but
am very anxious to begin construction.  I will accept private posts as
well.  Also, If there are any books that have detailed plans or magazines
like FAMA could I would love the name or issue number.

Thanks in advance,

Jim Taylor