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>How do I determine if I need potassium? I can't find a test kit.

Lamott makes one (45$ or so) and so does Aquarium landscapes. It's the one
test kit to pass on though...........as it's levels can be in excess with no
algae or other problems. 20-40 ppm is fine. A 1/4 teaspoon of K2SO4 every
week per 35 gallons is plenty or if you need NO3 you can add KNO3 or if you
need some PO4 you can add K2PO4. It (How much you need) depends on other
things like water changes, types of plants, high light fast growth
conditions, if your trace fertilizer has a lot or just a little bit. TMG
(tropica Master Grow has it but many like more than what's in there so we
add extra. The K2SO4 is good for only adding K+ and nothing else. Sulfur of
potash at the local nursery. A small bag will last for years. I add some
K2SO4 to each of my tanks and believe that it helps some. I add about 1/4
teaspoon in addition to KNO3 that I add to about each 25 gallons of water. I
test the levels every so often and hit 20 to 30 ppm which is about the
target range that I'd hoped for. Hope this helps. Check APD archives for
more on this.
Tom Barr