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re: UV light and trace elements

We set up our heavily planted 135-gal tank before I "knew better" with an
8-watt u.v. after the filter. I've tried turning it off a couple of times,
and the water clouds up after a week or two. Rather than waiting for a new
bacterial equilibrium to get established over many weeks, we keep it on, 24
hr. I really don't care what it may do to the trace elements: I add them
every day anyway and the growth of our may species has is lush. Perhaps I
could add less without the u.v., but it's no big deal for me and our tank
is crystal clear (of all the algae types we went through, green water
wasn't one of them). I've heard the same thing from others running u.v.s,
including someone at Eheim/USA when the subject came up in a tel. call
about our filter. Would I say it's necessary to have one on a planted tank
with a high fish load, no. But I don't think its the plants' equivalent of
Freddy on Elm Street either.

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