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Aquatic Plant Soil *IS* Clay Soil Conditioner

I contacted Schultz to find out where to get the 'Aquatic Plant Soil' as the
local 'Franks' only had the 'Clay Soil Conditioner'.  They instructed me
(last week) to ask the manager of the department at my local Wal-Mart to
order it for me, providing me with the Wal-Mart stock number to use.

After seeing this thread the past few days, I e-mailed the company again
asking if I could use the two products interchangeably, as I had received
information that they were similar.  Thought you might be interested in an
e-mail I received today from Schultz customer service:

"...In fact, it is now the same thing. It used to be the same type material
(arcillite) screened to a finer granular size, but experience showed
that the larger granules actually performed better.
So you can use the Clay Soil Conditioner in lieu of Aquatic Plant Soil
with the same successful results. Good gardening!..."

You know the old saying: 'same stuff, different label'.

John Haydt
Lansdale, PA