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Westerleigh Aquarium review

I just got my order from Westerleigh Aquarium.  Since I sometimes see
people posting complaints about their aquatic plant orders from various
sources, I thought I'd post a positive review here for a change.

I went by their website (www.westerleighaquarium.com) on a whim 
after seeing the spelling correction in an earlier APD.  Nothing fancy, but
they did have a few plants that I've been interested in for a while but 
haven't aquired because they aren't carried at the LFS and I didn't want
to buy $50 worth from some place like AAG.  So I placed an order for
a water orchid, a cryptocoryne cordata, and one portion each utricularia,
fontinalis, nitella, and riccia.  Total: $15.70 including $3.20 shipping.

Ordering is by snail mail, but the total turnaround time was still under
a week.  They use USPS Priority Mail, which is a great economical way
to ship plants.  The plants were wrapped in wet paper towels, placed 
in a single plastic bag, and boxed with crumpled newspaper.  No

The plants were all in good condition — nothing was crushed or
mushy, and no visible algae, snails, etc.  My order was exactly right,
plus an extra little sprig of some broad-leaved stem plant.  If I have one
complaint, it is that the riccia portion is smaller than I would expect.
Of course, as some have pointed out, I'll probably have more than I want
pretty soon.  (Now I just have to figure out where I'm going to put this

All in all, I would certainly order from them again.  The prices are average.
The selection is not particularly large but there are a few things that
you don't see very often elsewhere.  But the best part is that there's no
minimum order and you pay only the actual USPS shipping charge,  so
you can get just a few plants at a time.

David Ozenne
Fremont, CA