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Re: Profile / Turface /Profile Aquatic Plantn Soil

On Fri, 17 Mar 2000, Dwight wrote:

> Why should I buy the Shutz product derivatives of kitty litter for 3-5
> times the price of  unsorted Hartz kitty litter (Hartz brand only; I
> understand its the least dusty) and get only 1/2 as much?  I'll take
> cheaper and extremly effective over cheap and effective anyday.

I have no problem understanding why someone would buy Profile and pay
much more than they they would for kitty litter.

I think someone else has already pointed out that kitty litter softens up
and gets sticky under water -- just the sort of thing that you would
expect clay to do.  In my tanks I've had it go all the way to dispersing
into the water.  Profile is supposed to be a fired product that doesn't
soften, get sticky or disperse under water.

Roger Miller