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Re: Hornowrt

>From: "BlueEyes" <djohnsor at gmu_edu>

>IME, it doesn't help any more than any other fast growing plant.  I had a
>nice green water problem, and hornwort growing quickly at the same time (as
>well as sunset hygro, pennywort, wisteria - all happily growing in the green
>I actually got rid of my hornwort after the green water cleared up, because
>it developed a nice glob of green algae in it, as well as its usual problem
>of accumulating some strands of BBA.
>Some people will report great miracles from hornwort, others have had my
>experience.  Use the hornwort if it looks good to you - otherwise, there are
>other ways to controll the algae is you don't like the way hornwort looks...
I also had green water and kept hornowrt with it as an experiment.  The
green water didn't clear up until the tank became packed with hornwort to
such a  degree that the fish didn't have much room to swim.  I have had the
same results with Hygrophila polysperma and Hydrilla, and now I am trying
the same experiment presently with Elodea densa.

Paul Krombholz, in Central Mississippi, where the chance for more rain
tonight is gone.