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Flourite/Phosguard Question

Has any body had a problem with the combination
of Flourite and Phosguard removing Kh from the
water. I've recently sent up a 90g about 3 weeks
ago. It's going through a wet run with Flourite and
Phosguard, nothing else. All equipment brand new
and rinsed very well. From the tap Kh=4, Gh=7 and
Ph=7.2. I tested the water and the Kh was 0, Gh was
5 and Ph 6.7. The only other thing I did was run my
Diatom filter to clear tank of Flourite dust which
was well rinsed. I tested the diatom powder after
it soak in a glass of water for 24hrs and did not
affect water at all. I talked to Seachem and they
thought it might have been the diatom powder.
Is it possible between the diatom powder and Flourite
dust the water was being filtered through, acted like
a R/O filter.