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Java moss attaching to drift wood.

Peter <peteal at sympatico_ca> wrote:

> Hello, I'm trying to get some Java Moss to attach to my drift wood and was
> wondering if anyone had any good ideas the best way to go about it.  Got
> some nice Java ferns growing on my other piece but this stuff is a little
> messier to work with.

My driftwood piece is so large that it took me hours to wrestle it into my
aquarium, and I'm reluctant to remove it for any reason.  As a result I've
been frustrated in the past with attachmenting plants to it below the water
surface.  the solution is push-pins.  I use plastic push-pins to attach Java
fern, Christmas moss and the hairnets that hold down my Riccia to the
driftwood.  They're cheap, easy to install, , can be positioned so they're
not visibile, there's no underwater knot tying, and they're easy to remove
once the plant has taken hold.  Worth a shot!

michael rubin 
michael at rubinworld_com