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> Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 01:01:50 -0500
> From: Dwight <boukmn at mindspring_com>
> Subject: Profile /Re: Aponogeton/Java fern & moss
> I finally scored some of this Profile that's been talked up for so long,
> but I was disappointed to finally open the bag and be greeted  by
> ....Kitty
> litter!!! >:-( This stuff is just plain 'ole light fluffy "Hartz kitty
> litter"!!  (sure does LOOK like it).  Except I can get Hartz kitty litter
> for $2.50 for 20lbs and Profile for $4.66 for 10lbs!  This stuff is NOT
> like Flourite in any way.  Could this be a clever ploy by Schutz to
> penetrate new markets with an OLD unaltered product?

My guess hear is that you picked up the wrong stuff.  Schutz has two
products: (1) CLAY SOIL CONDITIONER (which is not what you want, I don't
think).  This is used to break up/aerate hard clay soils in the garden, and
(2) AQUATIC PLANT SOIL (which is what you do want), or in your case if you
have in fact purchase the AQUATIC PLANT SOIL, you may not want.  It looks
nothing like kitty-litter, it is much smaller and heavier/denser almost like
really small gravel. See it at:


(Near the bottom of the page)

I have had nothing but good results using the AQUATIC PLANT SOIL as a
substrate topped with ~2" of small 1-2mm gravel, In fact I would say it may
outperform laterite in CEC and long-term stability (I can hear the flame
throwers lighting).  It performs like it is advertised and would use again.
To tell you the truth I have never seen the CLAY SOIL CONDITIONER, but I am
pretty sure it is a larger/fluffier granular size kind of like Flourite, but
given time it may work as well?

> The package indicates no special "growth enhancement" as does Flourite
Flourite contains Fe and Mn similar to what a typical "clay" would provide.

>and Profile is not magnetic like Flourite
What in the blue-blazes does a magnetic substrate do for plants anyway?? I
guess you mean you know there is iron it Flourite??

>  Its FAR less dense than Flourite
> therefore NEW plants become uprooted from Profile too easily.
Again, sounds like you got the CLAY SOIL CONDITIONER not the AQUATIC PLANT
SOIL.  I considered setting up a PROFILE AQUATIC PLANT SOIL only substrate
but decided I did not like the color or density as a top layer.  Do you set
up your sand/flourite/verm tanks without topping it with small gravel?

>Until someone can impress me with evidence that this stuff if significantly
> different than Kitty litter instead of how good they THINK this is for
> their plants, then I'll consider joining the Profile camp.

Come on over and see my PROFILE AQUATIC PLANT SOIL tanks!  All other
conditions must be right of course!  As far as impressing you with evidence,
well I think 90% of the methodologies used/shared on this list are "for
informational purposes" and you know, a kind of "YMMV" kind of approach.
Some have posted extensive scientific factual data (read "evidence") to
support their claims and this is great.  If you are demanding evidence try
your local police department (whom may be following you and I anyway based
on the earlier post).  I am pretty sure there are other APDers out there
that use PROFILE AQUATIC PLANT SOIL under small gravel and are getting
similar results to what I an experiencing.

> Till then its Silica sand/Flourite, vermiculite, Peat moss, Georgia Clay
for me.
This sounds interesting, all pretty inert stuff, peat helps with reduction,
clay has a good CEC, maybe Fe, Mn + other essentials), some Flourite for
more Fe, Mg, etc.  I like it, but would substitute PROFILE AQUATIC PLANT
SOIL for the vermiculite.   Verm tends to float especially in the beginning
and ends up being a leaky mess when you uproot plants..IMHO/YMMV.

Right now I am waiting for my local K-Mart to get some more PROFILE AQUATIC
PLANT SOIL in with their pond stuff so I can do another Amono-style tank
using Riccia, glosso and R. indica or magenta.  Do you think I should add
some Peat to this?

Tom Brennan
brennans at ix_netcom.com