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>Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 11:04:05 -0800
>From: "Alan  Kaufmann" <Alan4ever at worldnet_att.net

>......What did you think of my plant filter?  It continues to suppress 
>algae, but appears to be having little effect on the brush algae.  What an
>irascible problem that stuff is.  It is almost time to do another tank
>overhaul with much bleaching (and bleating on my part).


I have found from past experience (WAY too much past experience <g>) that 
trying to remove BBA from leaves is a lost cause.  You can bleach  the 
plants and the driftwood till the BBA loses its' color, but that is only 
half the battle.  Removal is impossible with plants, and time consuming with 
driftwood.  I once left some pieces of driftwood in a bucket of bleach for a 
week(adding more bleach every day!).  When I placed the driftwood back in 
the tank, it took about a month for the leftover, brownish strands of dead 
BBA to regain their color and grow again.  Unless I had changed the 
conditions that caused the algae in the first place, then I was fighting a 
losing battle.

I have had much better success with getting the nutrient levels balanced.  
Then, I sit back and watch the BBA sluff off, and the plants take off!

I think you said you have too many fish in the tank with very little plants, 
and no CO2.  As you probably already know, that is a major factor in the BBA 
problem.  Hang in there, BBA is bear, but it is defeatable.  Listening to 
what Tom can tell you is your best bet.


Michael Laflamme
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