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RE: Anubias and algae

>Hello Eveyone,
>I've seen various mention of regnerating anubias plants and stumps by 
>placing them in a terrarium setting?  How does one go about setting up a 
>terrarium?  What substrate?  Does it require water flow of any kind?  How 
>much water?  Any information would be appreciated.  I'm trying to get rid of 
>some nasty hair algae on the anubius plants, and haven't been able to yet.  
>This might be a good solution.

A good way is a simple very tight fitting hood (or piece of plexi-glass)
over a tank with two inches of old tank water. To this add small pots filled
with dirt/peat/sand/clay/flourite etc in some combo that you think might
help. Anubias have done well in all of these. No need for flow. A small ten
gallon tank will work great with a single 15 watt 18 inch light you can get
for about 6-8 $ or so. Build a small wood box for this light and add water
and lid and pots with plants. Cost .....about 25 -30$ total. You'll only
need to repot (maybe once every three months or so)and spray with a general
fertilizer every week. You'll make your money back by growing Anubias and
also solve your problem. The heat from the light produces quite a bit of
humidity so a fogger is not needed etc.
The tank is light and cheap and the plants can be added to a tank without
removing them from the pots. The only electrical thing is the light. You can
add KNO3, K2PO4, TMG, Kent to the water etc also. Change this 2 inches of
water after a week or two and replace with old tank water.
Tom Barr