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Aerobic high flow substrates

I was pondering the nature of the RFUG systems I am so endeared too.
Hydroponic growing is the same (aerobic substrates) and Tropica/Horizon
Growers use this to grow their plants.

Now if the most respected growers are using this, why aren't more using this
system basing it on a submersed set up? CO2 and light are not considered. We
add this and there is not much problem for the growers in this area. so if
we are doing a good job with light and CO2 what's left? Nutrients and soil
but also O2. There's plenty for respiration in air but what about in a tank?
If things are going well there should be plenty right? I had 120% at the end
of a photo period when a saltwater friend dragged over a DO meter. In the
morning it measured 90% or so. I don't think .....but I could be wrong
.........that this might be an issue. All that's left is nutrients and soil.
Many of my tanks have the spray bar at the back bottom blowing the filtered
CO2 rich water across the bottom of the tank to the front and/or RFUG's at
least. Seems to me that this is a key factor(aerobic substrates). Comments? 
Tom Barr