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Profile /Re: Aponogeton/Java fern & moss

I finally scored some of this Profile that's been talked up for so long,
but I was disappointed to finally open the bag and be greeted  by ....Kitty
litter!!! >:-( This stuff is just plain 'ole light fluffy "Hartz kitty
litter"!!  (sure does LOOK like it).  Except I can get Hartz kitty litter
for $2.50 for 20lbs and Profile for $4.66 for 10lbs!  This stuff is NOT
like Flourite in any way.  Could this be a clever ploy by Schutz to
penetrate new markets with an OLD unaltered product?

The package indicates no special "growth enhancement" as does Flourite, and
Profile is not magnetic like Flourite is.  Its FAR less dense than Flourite
therefore NEW plants become uprooted from Profile too easily.  Until
someone can impress me with evidence that this stuff if significantly
different than Kitty litter instead of how good they THINK this is for
their plants, then I'll consider joining the Profile camp.  Till then its
Silica sand/Flourite, vermiculite, Peat moss, Georgia Clay for me.

I've been wondering....If I had a Kiln, an autoclave, clay and a trace
element mix (not PMDD) could a form of "Flourite" be made?  Comments welcome.


I too once had a difficult time getting Javafern and Javamoss to grow...till 
(1) I stopped fussing over it!  
(2) The climate changed from HOT summer to COOL Florida fall. Now, JAva
fern and Javamoss are growing in 2-old 20gal long tanks w/o lighs,
waterchanges, filtration (2 small fish).  

Reduce your water temperature, THAT'S your tanks Aponogeton/Java fern & moss

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