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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #154

>Hey Tom  (Barr),
>I am enjoying that Bladderwort (sp) I got at the SFAS auction...a very
>beautiful plant.  Sort of ethereal in its apparent fragility.  But you were
>right about it staying somewhat self-contained.  I like it very much.

That would be U. vulgaris. A very nice plant indeed! It also does not get
algae as much as compared to other plants with fine needles. Neat plant IMO.

>What did you think of my plant filter?  It continues to suppress green
>algae, but appears to be having little effect on the brush algae.  What an
>irascible problem that stuff is. 

I recall that your tank (sparky's) has BBA and also has yeast CO2? If this
is the tank you don't have enough CO2 and/or to much fish load. I know you
don't want to lower the load so try the getting the PH down with canned CO2
or something like it that will get the PH down. 

 It is almost time to do another tank
>overhaul with much bleaching (and bleating on my part).  I wish I could
>further minimize the long term effects of the bleach on the Anubius
>leaves...I am down to only one minute of soaking in a 1:20 solution, but
>still it takes its toll.  Do you think that I would have better luck with
>potassium permanganate?  Would it kill the brush algae?  And would it be
>less damaging to the leaves?  Do you have any guidelines as to how strong a
>solution to use?  I have a lifetime supply of crystals.

Manual removal or bleach or trimming the infected leaves. I tried
Permanganate in the past. Didn't do well IMO. 

Ahhhhhhhh! the other idea is to remove the plants and place them in a
emersed tank for about a month or so and your plants will grow very well and
also the BBA will die! My Anubias grow like mad in my emersed tank as you
well know. 

>One other strange idea I had was to spray the Anubius leaves with Pam
>cooking spray before dipping in bleach solution in an attempt to protect
>them from the bleach while continuing to expose the brush algae to the
>solution.  Any thoughts on this idea?

Some onions,beans and sprouts and I'll be over for dinner! Why don't you use
a paint brush with the bleach and just lightly paint the bleach on? Will do
the same effect essentially!


Regards, to a feller who has a big old eel! Actually it's not done growing
either! When are you going to put up a image of that beast on here Alan?
Tom Barr