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Re: What's missing?

I'm appending a bunch of responses into one.. thanks to all for the

>         Kevin Conlin had this a few years ago.  I went down there (Montreal)
> and we did some experimenting.  We came to the conclusion that it was
> caused by dissolved gas in his tap water - probably air.  The excess comes

I had thought that might be it, but was hoping there was something magical
I could add to recreate the dramatic pearling I get after a water change.

> I doubt that any nutrient shortages could cause this short-term temporary
> bubbling.  The nutrients don't have a direct effect on the photosynthesis
> rate.  To the extent that other nutrients might increase that

That does make sense. 

> You are probably adding MORE TMG after a water change also and this may
> allow plants to acquire all they need to pearl like crazy but they quickly

Actually, I normally forget to add the larger amount of TMG for at least
a few hours.

> levels and the pearling.  I also think tanks with lots of light 3+ watts per
> gallon (and Co2 injection) tend to become O2 saturated from high
> photosynthesis rates and pearl more readily.  What are your lighting levels

I've got 240 watts over a 75g.  It's a mix of Tritons, and 5000K and 6500K
daylight tubes.  (2 of each)

> for this tank?  I also think a tank that is constantly pearling (a good
> thing) is running at a higher metabolic rate and may need more maintenance
> and attention.  But this is a personal choice whether you want to be
> trimming plants every 5 days!

I want!  I want!   Actually, I do currently need to trim about that often.
My main thing is that I love seeing the solid lines of bubbles rising in
the tank.  It just looks so cool!

> Perhaps you too have "magic water"<G>. My NO3 levels are close to yours. My
> PO4 levels are in the 1.0ppm range out of the tap. KH and GH are two other
> levels to test the tap for. 3-7 KH and a GH of 3-9 or so are good(mine are 5

KH is a solid 3 degrees, GH is 7 degrees.

> If you run into a problem or slowed growth ....do a water change and raise
> the nutrient levels back up and start over. Pretty simple eh?

Actually, I just noticed some evil blue-green algae on several clumps of
frogbit.   It was just a tiny bit.  I'll be keeping a close watch for any
more of it!