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Kh and Gh Question

I just set up a 90g tank which I'm putting through a
wet run. I just put in all Fourite gravel. I ran my
Vortex Diatom Filter for 12 hours to clear the tank.
My tap water is 4dKh, 7dGh and 7.4ph. There were no
chemicals added, just Flourite (which I rinsed), water
and the filter system and heater. Everything is brand new.
I went to hook up my CO2 system last night and the ph
controller was reading 6.70 which I thought was odd.
So I tested the ph that was right on. When I tested the
dKh 0 and dGh 5 I was confused. Did the diatom filter
lower both dKh and dGh or maybe a combination of diatom
powder and Flourite. 

Thanks to whoever answers this