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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #153

on 01:48 AM 3/14/00 , Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

>While doing this weekends water change, I once again observed MASSIVE
>pearling after the water change.  I get some bubbling normally, but not
>steady streams of bubbles.  Following the water change, the bubbles were
>being produced so fast they formed solid threads to the surface.  I really
>want to know what is missing in the tank normally that is present in the
>tap water?


I think the reason this happens is that you oxygenate the water heavily 
during the water change (not so much because the tap water contains O2, but 
because of all of the surface agitation when you pour it in.) So the water 
reaches close to 100% saturation, and the plants only take a few minutes to 
push it over the edge and start bubbling like crazy.

You can see the same effect if you turn on an airstone for a couple of hours.

I don't really think anyone's plants bubble that much all day... Maybe the 
last couple hours the lights are on.

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