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Aponogeton/Java fern & moss

Hi folks,

    I've got a few questions regarding Aponogeton.  My Crispus had successfully send out flower stalks and flower beautifully.  But lately, the flower do not bloom at all.  It just sent out the stalk and when it reach the surface, the flower stalk just do not grow and die out.  What went wrong?

    As for my Boivinianus, it was growing beautifully for a month after I bought it but since then it just die off.  I believe it is in a dormant state now and it's been like that for 2-3 months in my aquarium.  What should I do with the bulb?  According to Tropica, I should keep in a dry and cool place.  But some other species of Aponogeton needs wet and cool place.  So which one is true? 

    But my Ulvaceus is growing nicely and flowering non stop.  All of them are in the same tank.

    Well since I'm at it, my java fern is not growing at all.  It's been 5 months and not much progress on their growth.  The normal variety grew a bit but the Windelov did not grow at all.  But the leaves grew alot of plantlets.  

    As for my java moss, they do not grow but die off.  Some became brown and some just turn black.  
     My swords, anubias, glosso, banana plant, nymphae, bacopa, cabomba, riccia and other plants are doing well.  I fertilize the plants frequently in the water column as well as in the substrate.  But the water temp is quite high.  Min 29 Celcius and max 31 Celcius.  The light is 140 watt/50 gal.  Water pH is around 6.5.  And yeah, I use 2 X 2l bottle of DIY Yeast method CO2.

    I guess that's about it.  Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,

ps:  There's alot of real SAE in the LFS in KL.  I'm not sure the SAE are real or not as they label it as Flying Fox but last week I saw false SAE in another LFS.  So I guess what I got at home are real SAE.  But anyway I bought 2 of the false SAE for fun hehe.

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