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Re: Staghorn Algae

I had a similar experience with staghorn algae and iron levels at or around
0.1ppm levels. I reduced the iron dose, but changed a few other things as
well, so I couldn't swear for certain that it was iron, but it's a mighty
big coincidence if a group of us are experiencing the same problem.

Now if only that stubborn green spot would _totally_ disappear I'd be
tickled. But this is a hobby of patience, and the tank is relatively new at
6 months. So patient I must be.


on 3/12/00 8:48 PM, "Sherman Lovell" <lovell at drizzle_com> wrote:

> I had never seen staghorn algae until I started adding iron to the tank.  It
> got to be a real problem when I dosed Fe to 0.1 ppm, which surprised me
> since that seemed to be the agreed upon target level.  When I cut back on
> the iron the staghorn went away.  APDer Andrew had the same experience at
> the same level as I recall, and I think I remember someone else that I wrote
> to about this off-list had their staghorn problem go away when they reduced
> the iron.