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RE:Bagging plants

>After the last PVAS auction, a question came up about the "proper" way to
>bag a plant.  The preferred method seems to be to place the plant in a fish
>bag, with just enough water to keep it moist.  Some people use more water,
>though, especially to make bunch plants look fuller (it definitely enhances
>the price of a bag of good-looking rotala).  Others don't see the point in
>fretting about it; a Zip Loc bag will be just fine for a sword plant, with
>or without a lot of air or water.
>Are there opinions/educated guesses out there about whether it makes a
>difference to the plant?  Perhaps to certain, somewhat more fragile plants?

I think we did several rounds with wholesalers/MO and our own sending of
weeds here and there and what was the best methods. No water, just air
should do great. No need for wet newspaper either........it just adds
shipping weight. Plants are fine. Zip locs aren't the greatest but work.
Sizing the bag to fit the plant helps. I haven't had problem even with
fragile plants and I've been doing this for years in this manner. I know it
is disheartening to see this big clump of fine needled plants turn into a
small sad looking bag when added to a bag with no water. But the buyer knows
that the plants will fluff up or tell them that they will at least.  

As an auctioneer for SFAS, I will tell/yell at folks that add water to the
bags of plants it is messy, a pain,unecessary, and likely to leak all over. 
Tom Barr