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Re: hair algae & laterite in tank water

Julie wrote:

> I have tonnes of green hair algae in my 40g tank. I have decided to replace
> all plants with H.difformis.

This seems like giving up -- unless you actually want a tank full of

> If the H.Difformis can out-compete the algae, then I will start replacing
> them with other plants.

If there is some basic cause remaining for your hair algae problem, then
it will just return.

> How do I prevent laterite in the substrate being spread out in the tank when
> uprotting those H.Difformis?

I guess this isn't usually a problem.

> Or is there an easier faster way to combat green hair algae?

Probably several, but you haven't given us any basis for recommneding
other methods.  Try describing your setup and tank conditions and telling
us what you've tried so far; the chances of us giving you meaningful
advise will be greatly improved

Roger Miller