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>>They're hybrids. Real crispus and ulvaceous don't jave floating leaves.
>>They are *heavy* feeders.
>Well, if you'd notice, he never said floating leaves, he just said the
>leaves were growing to the surface.  I have a couple crispus that grow tall
>and spindly in one type of light, and short and wide in another.  I think it
>has to do with the amount of blue light as opposed to red light.  I read
>that in one issue or another here.  I burned out a light in my 2.5 gallon
>tank, and the lily type plant in it was never over 3 inches tall, but when I
>put the light that came with the strip in as a temporary fix, the thing
>started shooting leaves to the surface, and winding the stalks all over the
>tank.  I replaced the bulb, and things are back to normal.

Oh, uh, duh. Good point. They're still heavy feeders though! :-)

I guess I would be remiss in pointing out, as well, that
A. stachysporous looks a fai rbit like A. crispus, is
a separate species and does put out true floating leaves.

It's the livebeareing, not flowering Apologeton.

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