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Re: Arizona Aquatic Gardens

I've ordered about a half-dozen times from Arizona Aquatic Gardens and never
had a problem.  I've never received a decayed mess of a plant or a bulb that
didn't sprout.  But then, I call and talk to them about what I'm looking for
and often hang up the phone with a different order than I'd planned.

I would recommend placing your order by telephone; they can tell you what's
in stock and what's not, what looks especially good right now and what
doesn't.  If you just place a blind order, they'll do the best they can, but
if you talk with them about what you want, they'll do everything they can to
make sure you get a good batch.

I also placed an order for several people at one point; the plants came
together but labeled separately, with separate invoices.  I appreciated the
extra effort, and it was convenient.