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SAEs spotted in Petland, of all places!

After having my LFS track down the elusive SAE, only to get a load of
(surprise, surprise, thanks Axelrod) false SAEs, and having the manager of
the place crawl up and down my back when I didn't greedily buy them all, I
found an entire tankfull of SAEs at Petland, of all places!  The LFS guy
actually pulled out Axelrods book to show me the pictures of the SAE (which
are, of course, wrong).  There is one true SAE, and two false ones in
Axelrod's book.  I pointed out the correct picture, and he proceeded to tell
me all about how fish look different when they are young/stressed, and how
Axelrod is a well trusted authority, and that I must be wrong.  I promptly
went home, and printed out about 25 pages of usefull SAE descriptions, and
pictures, discussions, and such, going over the important things with a
highlighter, and took that to him.  He called me, having read all the
documentation, and apologized, and promised to try to get them for me.  That
was two months ago.  I considered mail ordering SAEs, but the shipping price
was pretty rough, and I decided to make due with shrimp the best I could.
But lo, today I went into Petland to pick up a thermometer, and figured I'd
take a quick peek at their fish, and I happened upon a tank with at least 60
SAEs, labeled "algae sharks".  I bought ten, who are at the moment rapidly
cleaning my tank of all traces of BBA.  Call me a satisfied customer.  If
anyone is in the Sarasota, FL. area, they are still plentiful.  :)