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>On Sun, 12 Mar 2000, Jeff Bodin wrote:
>> I then measured it out of my Tap.... 10 PPM P. I use RO and it is about 1 
>> PPM out of the RO (not bad for 90% rejection).
>> So, How high is high??? I know a bunch of you are going to say ZERO is 
>> ideal, but at what levels do we expect a massive algae breakout.
>P can be arbitrarily high if the other controlling conditions in your tank
>- like light and available iron levels - are right.  For most purposes I
>think 0.1 ppm phosphate (0.03 ppm P) is good, and 0.2 ppm phosphate (0.07
>ppm P) might be high.  I don't know how one might generalize a level that
>is "too" high.
>There is of course a huge variability, depending on your tank conditions.
>Roger Miller

For instance, mine's 1.0ppm out of the tap which is fine for my tanks. It
seems to drop rapidly after a water change also(0.5ppm in 3 days). Something
is using it up and it's not algae! But Jeff's PO4 level is way up there. PO4
remover or RO water  perhaps ? There are other ways I'm sure but I couldn't
give any balancing info for a PO4 level that high. I would sure try to use
another element to limit algae rather than PO4, maybe iron in the gravel and
little to none in the water column.
Tom Barr