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Re:Aponogeton & lighting & substrates

Sylvia writes:

> I was curious about this, because I had attempted to grow some aponogetons 
>  a 80 watt over 55 gallon tank, not really successfully. I finally gave up 
> and 
>  put some of the plants in a higher light tank and some in a dark tank for 
>  dormant period. I had initiallly thought they could handle lower lighting.
>  I wondered whether the fact that he was growing in a laterite substrate 
> could 
>  lead to this type of growth, with low lighting. I have plain old river 
> gravel 
>  in my tank, with some Flourish tabs pushed in the substrate here and 
>  (I add flourish via the water column periodically.) If it is the laterite, 
> it 
>  would appear that iron would need to be supplemented via the roots, rather 
>  than the water column, for these plants to grow in my tank, no?

I have A. ulvaeceous growing in a 55 gallon with 80 watts.  I would suspect 
the laterite vs. river gravel issue to be at play here.  I have a pumice 
substrate with pyrophillitic clay and peat, which (theoretically, anyway) 
supplies iron and all other needed minerals.  The addition of flourish tabs 
would not be sufficient to motivate root hair development.  I also use 
Natural Gold in the column and every five or six months I add fern and palm 
spikes.  My ulvaceous flowers non-stop.  If I had a sxecond plant, I could 
probably get seeds.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator