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Re: High Phosphate From Tap

In the tank the P  is about 2ppm. I read (and reread) both the archives
the krib page (as well as the S&C PMDD page) and no one mentions how
is high for P (or that the PMDD experiment ever actually measured P).

I then measured it out of my Tap.... 10 PPM P. I use RO and it is about
PPM out of the RO (not bad for 90% rejection).

So, How high is high??? I know a bunch of you are going to say ZERO is 
ideal, but at what levels do we expect a massive algae breakout.

(And Mike, It covered, and then killed, the Rotalla Macrandra...)


- Jeff


I have the same problem but not as severe as yours.

My tap can fluctuate between 1.5 to 3.0 ppm.
I have found in my tanks with co2 and proper
lighting 2-3w per gallon, I still need to
keep my phosphate around .05 to keep algae from
growing rampant. I use Seachem Phosguard in
my sump and also run a 29g with only a filter
and Phosguard and a heater for my water
changes on my 90g. 

Hope this helps

Mark Robinson