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Re: Aponogetons

Are you saying you never got around to actually storing it in the peat when 
it grew the new plants?

Someone suggested soaking a bulb (my lace bulb that had begun to develop rot 
after several moves in a few-month period) in a potassium permanganate 
solution. They thought that might arrest the rot, as well as give it a 
feeding. I had cut away the rotted areas and put in a dark tank. Still trying 
to figure out what to do with it. It was a beautiful healthy plant and I'm 
still kicking myself for handling so recklessly, as I'm doubtful I'll find 
another anytime in the next decade.


<<Oh, and a laceplace success story. I gopt a bulb almsot a year ago
and it grew great (in a 35 with a single 20W fluoro). It started to
not do as well (needer a root feeding) but my wuife, whose tanl
it is had suddenly become a crypt nut and wanted it out of there
so I yanked it, ripped all the leaves off and tossed it in a
tank unti lI could get around to storing it in a bag of moist

It gre 6 new plants so I cut the thing into 6 small bits
and planted it; nw I have 6 plants growing well.>>