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Re: Staghorn Algae

I had never seen staghorn algae until I started adding iron to the tank.  It
got to be a real problem when I dosed Fe to 0.1 ppm, which surprised me
since that seemed to be the agreed upon target level.  When I cut back on
the iron the staghorn went away.  APDer Andrew had the same experience at
the same level as I recall, and I think I remember someone else that I wrote
to about this off-list had their staghorn problem go away when they reduced
the iron.  <-- Bad chemistry joke there.  Anyway, that's my experience, for
what it's worth.  My current regimen is to add 0.1 ppm Fe water to the tank
at the weekly water change (about 1/4 of the total tank volume), and that
works fine. -- Sherman Lovell