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>Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 21:27:05 EST
>From: Biplane10 at aol_com
>Subject: Aponogeton & lighting & substrates
>I was in a lfs today, quite surprised to find they had dozens of aponogeton 
>crispus and ulvaceous growing in a few tanks. These tanks were not well 
>lit--the *brightest* tank had maybe 80 watts over probably a 75 gallon tank 
>or so. They were small bulbs, but were rooting profusely. Leaves were growing 
>up to the surface, as well, maybe because of the lower lighting? He'd 
>apparently gotten them in as bulbs only, and they were growing well in his 

They're hybrids. Real crispus and ulvaceous don't jave floating leaves.

They are *heavy* feeders.

Oh, and a laceplace success story. I gopt a bulb almsot a year ago
and it grew great (in a 35 with a single 20W fluoro). It started to
not do as well (needer a root feeding) but my wuife, whose tanl
it is had suddenly become a crypt nut and wanted it out of there
so I yanked it, ripped all the leaves off and tossed it in a
tank unti lI could get around to storing it in a bag of moist

It gre 6 new plants so I cut the thing into 6 small bits
and planted it; nw I have 6 plants growing well.

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