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Re: mail order plants

>>I called and made a second order.  I was told they don't garantee plants,
but he went ahead and sent some more bulbs to replace the dead ones I
received.  The replacement bulbs must have been from the same batch as they
were also dead.<<

Anytime you purchase aponogeton or barclaya bulbs, its a crap shoot as to
how many will germinate. It doesnt matter where you buy them from, a store
or mail order. When you purchase the apon bulb assortment packs at one of
the better known super pet stores, you are lucky if half of them germinate.
For every 50 bulbs I buy, 20% never germinate. Its about the same for
outdoor garden bulbs. If you are going to buy them, buy more than you
actually need, or buy bulbs with growth already started. So your experience
with AZ Gardens is nothing out of the ordinary.

Robert Paul H