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Re: Staghorn Algae

On 10 Mar 2000, at 15:48, Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> I'd like to know if there is any control(other than hand-picking) for
> this form of algae.  It is grayish-white, branched strands(2-4") firmly
> attached by holdfasts to leaf edges, driftwood, and filter intakes and
> powerhead.  I live in rural Nebraska, and it's hard to find a variety of
> Algae-eaters out here.  I have 2 CAEs and some Mollies, but they seem
> uninterested in this form.  I may be able to some SAEs or OTOs on my
> next trip to Denver if they could help.  This is a 37 gal.High, planted
> tank that has been set up for 8 months, and this algae must have been
> introduced with my last plant purchase.  Any help will be appreciated. 
> Thanks,  Connelley
I had this algae a couple of years ago and it was a tough one. I 
tried everything, trimming back the affected parts, reduced lighting, 
reduced fertilizer etc.. It flourished and the plants didn't. I then tried, 
which felt wrong at the time, to feed the plants which would starve 
the algae by competing for the nutrients. I started to fertilize 
normally and took cuttings from my hygro and planted it throughout 
the tank. Several weeks later, after the hygro had really started to 
grow, the algae started to turn white, from the top of the tank first 
to the bottom later. In about 3 weeks the algae was gone and has 
never returned. I hope this might give you some clues on how your 
staghorn might be eliminated.

BTW, no fish touched the algae and I had Oto's, SAE's and