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Re: Air powered options (was: APD#147)

Thomas Barr writes:

> If I can turn down the flow enough were the laterite "Dust" is not all blown
>  away surly you can without blowing away your sand! How much flow you put in
>  there is up to you!
>  I can't really suggest a air powered device for a plant tank though as they
>  tend to remove CO2 but this could be set up using a powerhead or a splice
>  off a canister filter etc.

Here's an air-powered option- An RUGF driven by air instead of a powerhead.  
You can solve the CO2 problem by injecting straight into the dwn tube, 
letting the CO2 become dissolved in the substrate.  It also won't move your 
sand or clay dust at all.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator