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Re: Moving water Was: Flourite anaerobic


In a later post, Tom Barr explained the construction of his RFUG filtration 
system. I thought that inserting those tubes after the fact should be an easy 
matter, in isolated spots, anyway. Wouldn't this work with your 
substrate--provided you keep the flow rate low and evenly spread out?


I don't use plates but make them out of PVC or CPVC tubing 1/2" in diameter
and use these like a giant spray bar under the gravel using low flow
powerheads or spliced lines from canistar filters etc. <snip>  The rigid 
nature of the PVC or CPVC
will not do this. And unlike plates, they allow plants root's to go all the
way to the bottom with no dead space. >>

<< As was contemplating this thread since I noticed bubbles and rotten egg 
 smell from some of the deep parts of my sand substrate.   Since installing 
 a RFUG filter would blow away a lot of sand its not a option for me.  But 
 as I was looking through a mail order fish supply catalog I saw a air 
 powered corner foam filter.  And I thought what if I buried one of these in 
 a dead spot?