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Re: Commercialism

Read up folks. Anyone interested in this book, refer to the to APD #145, 
where Diana Walstad herself (fearlessly) posted the following. In addition, 
several others had recommendations on where to find the book. I don't think 
anybody even considered the commercial or non-commercial content of the 
posts. It was simply informational. Get a grip.

<<    You shouldn't have to wait 3-5 weeks to buy my book 'Ecology of the 
Planted Aquarium'.   Barnes and Nobles has to buy from me or BookMasters, Inc 
before they can ship a book out.  That's why it takes so long.  (The usual 
dealers Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Nobles, etc don't stock
self-published books like mine until they're proven sellers.)
    If you buy directly from BookMasters, Inc, which actually has the book 
and who I pay to sell it for me, you should get it sooner.  They process 
orders within 48 hr, take credit cards, etc and try hard to give good 
service.  Their phone number is 1-800-247-6553.

Diana Walstad>>

<< > This non-commercial stuff has gotten out of hand.   Here everyone
 > is trying
 > to find Diana's book and she (I would bet) is afraid to post how.
 Bang on, Dave! The members of this list who DO have small hobby related
 businesses should not be afraid of participating for fear of the "list
 police", especially when Cynthia's is the only opinion that REALLY matters.
 If some folks want a totally non commercial environment, let then start
 their own list and post messages to themselves.