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Green spot algae on plants

Hello, problem with green spot algae.  I can live with it on the sides of
the tank (just do a scraping every other week) but I'm getting it on the
older leaves of my plants.
Now I can cut it out on my hygro's as they grow so fast but it ruins my
Cyperus Helferi which is doing really well otherwise.  All the older outer
leaves get very dark at the ends because of the algae.  I can cut these away
(and do) but then the plant never gets bulky.  Same problem with my
Lilaeopsis... get a dark green (black) carpet instead of a nice green one.

So does anyone know what accelerates growth of the spot algae.  Don't have
any other algae problems other than the occasional green water bloom.
Anything I can adjust to stop it growing on my plants?

Heavily planted, med fish load.
87 Gal
2x 175W MH lights
KH 8
GH 7
PH 7.0
DIY CO2 injection
TMG and PMDD fert (high on the K)
P 0.0
N 10-20PPM (at 20 do a water change)