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RE:Flourite anaerobic

>    For what it's worth, I pulled up a big Val recently and it's lowest
>roots were black.  Isn't that supposed to be a sign of roots growing in an
>anaerobic medium?
>    Sounds like an anaerobic gravel bed to me. Did it have the smell
>with anaerobic conditions.......the stinky rotten egg smell too? Lots of
>black colored gravel that stunk too? If not it may be just plant's roots
>dying back from something else.
    There was no eruption of gas bubbles, nor was there any smell.  But the
roots were definitely *black* -- and they didn't otherwise look like or feel
like they were
necrotic.  My wild guess was that the black color was from reduced iron (?
way out of my depth here. ;)  It was a big red marble Val and very healthy.