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Staghorn Algae?

I'd like to know if there is any control(other than hand-picking) for
this form of algae.  It is grayish-white, branched strands(2-4") firmly
attached by holdfasts to leaf edges, driftwood, and filter intakes and
powerhead.  I live in rural Nebraska, and it's hard to find a variety of
Algae-eaters out here.  I have 2 CAEs and some Mollies, but they seem
uninterested in this form.  I may be able to some SAEs or OTOs on my
next trip to Denver if they could help.  This is a 37 gal.High, planted
tank that has been set up for 8 months, and this algae must have been
introduced with my last plant purchase.  Any help will be appreciated. 
Thanks,  Connelley