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SAEs sighted at... PetCo?

Michael Moncur wrote:

> I just came back from my local PetCo, where I saw 4-5 of what I swear were

> genuine SAEs. They were, of course, labelled as "Flying Fox". 
> They were swimming very quickly.
> I think I'm going to clean them out tomorrow, unless someone tells me I'm

I can't tell you that you're mistaken but I can advise you to place the new
purchases into a quarantine tank.  Aside from the obvious benefits of
isolating newcomers, you can determine whether they're true SAEs by watching
them closely and seeing whether they actually eat any algae.  And here's the
biggest benefit:  if you decide you want to return them to PetCo you'll have
a much easier time removing them from a quarantine tank than from a large,
heavily-planted "production" aquarium.  Believe me, those fake SAEs are
sleek, FAST swimmers and once the smartest of them realizes that you've
caught the dumber ones you'll never catch him!
Michael Rubin
michael at rubinworld_com