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AquaJournal status - Reply from VectraPoint

I though some of the AJ subscribers might be interested in the response
below from VectraPoint after inquiring about when the next AJ/English,
volume #39 might be released. It isn't looking good folks:((  This
publication with be sorely missed by me.  For those of you who know/love the
AJ it may help VectraPoint's decision by sending them a note indicating your
interests in AJ/English.

<"Dear Mr. Brennan,
<We are sorry to inform you that our management is currently considering on
whether to <continue with the AQUA JOURNAL publication or revamp its format
& content.  However, we would <not want you to wait and would like to refund
the balance of your subscription of.... (I <don't want the money back, I
want the AJ!)  I will keep you in our mailing list and will <inform you as
soon as decisions have been made.
>Thank you for your email.
<Samantha Ng
<Customer Service Dept
<aquajournal at vectrapoint_com>