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>Unfortunately, I don't have an underground filter. I did consider the idea of 
>tearing up the tank to install one, though, after all this!
>Are you using RFUG's in planted tanks? Any effect on deep-rooting plants?
><< The UG filter that you are using is very much like the RFUG's that I tout
> for substrates. They work great. I wouldn't use them for 12 years if they
> didn't<g>. I like them much better than cables and no flow methods. 

Yes, I am using them and have for 12 years. I like crypts very much which
are deep rooted plants. I actually found out that RFUG's work super on a
large sword plant which also have extensive root systems. RFUG's are very
easy to build. Now, I wouldn't use one on a soil substrate tank......... but
I have on a kitty litter tank(great results), sand+laterite, old mature
sand, all with excellent results. Flourite + RFUG seems to be the best of
both worlds. 
I have cables and no flow substrates etc too. I think the RFUG's are better.
I don't use plates but make them out of PVC or CPVC tubing 1/2" in diameter
and use these like a giant spray bar under the gravel using low flow
powerheads or spliced lines from canistar filters etc. I'm not to keen on
cables or adding heat to the tank. When removing plants and doing
replantings I have found some of the cables have been moved around somewhat
and anaerobic spots appeared where the cables were pull up some. You could
not tell if they had been pulled up or not but I went in with my hand to see
if this was then problem and  it was. The rigid nature of the PVC or CPVC
will not do this. And unlike plates, they allow plants root's to go all the
way to the bottom with no dead space. 
Deep rooted plants do extremely well. I've kept some 200+ species using
these RFUG's. They work on **all** plants and their roots.
Check archives, I know I yammered some about this in the past.

Tom Barr