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Re: solar still

On Thu, 9 Mar 2000, George Slusarczuk wrote:

> What you described is called a solar still. There are commercial
> versions for use in life boats, etc.
> It should be easily procurable on the coast.

I'd be surprised if you could buy one with a significant capacity.
Designs for larger stills are published, and some general designs are
available on the web.

The common design is an enclosure with a sloping glass pane over a shallow
pan of water.  Water evaporates from the pan and condenses on the inside
of the glass cover.  Condensed water runs down the glass pane and
collects in a trough along the lower edge of the pane, where it drains off
through a hose.  These things are fairly large -- with commonly available
building materials 6'X2' is a fairly common size.

Solar stills work, but in Florida it might be better to collect rain

Roger Miller