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SAEs sighted at... PetCo?

I just came back from my local PetCo, where I saw 4-5 of what I swear were 
genuine SAEs. They were, of course, labelled as "Flying Fox". If I recall 
correctly this same tank was labelled Flying Fox a month ago and contained 
actual Flying Foxes.

They were 1-2" long. Appeared generally white in color with a black stripe, 
something like Otocinclus colors, but they had the more pointed non-sucking 
mouths characteristic of SAEs and flying foxes. They were swimming very 

I couldn't spot any barbels (they were moving too fast) but they definitely 
had only one black stripe, and it extended into the tail and trailed off. 
No noticeable color in the fins.

They looked exactly like Dave G's in this picture:
...except perhaps a bit brighter colored (but PetCo has very bright lights.)

I guess my question is... any chance these are actually Flying Foxes? Are 
young foxes or stressed ones inclined to display no color in their fins and 
no upper stripe? The stripe in the tail definitely looked SAE-like, though. 
I've read through the Algae Eating Carps article again and they sure didn't 
look like false SAEs or Flying foxes to me...

I think I'm going to clean them out tomorrow, unless someone tells me I'm 

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