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Re: Java Fern & Bolbitis


What kind of lighting do you have on each tank?

<< I picked up a 5" piece two years ago at my LFS. It had two stems 
 and about a dozen leaves. It has never been sold there, so I think it 
 hijacked it's way in. It took it a while to get going, but since then, 
 all I can say is WOW! I bet I've harvested, no kidding, 2-five gallon 
 buckets full in the past year. I've given it away, traded some, and 
 kept most of my tanks fully stocked with that one piece. It grows 
 good in my rift tanks (no CO2, high dH, high dK, high pH), froggie 
 vivarium (no CO2, high NO3, soft, acidic), and SUPER in my 
 planted tank(much CO2). Parameters (just measured them all 
 dH=3.3, dK=5.0, pH=6.85, NO3=1.5ppm(add 5ppm every week), 
 NO2=0,PO4=0(add 0.05ppm every week), PMDD, 76F,CO2=21ppm
 It seems to grow 2-3 times faster than it's friend the Java fern, and 
 is constantly growing to the surface and out the top. So, Tom, 
 good luck, either in getting it to grow or trying to keep it trimmed