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Iron test kits

> Steven Pituch wrote:
> Has anyone had any good experience with the Seachen Iron Test Kit?

I had fairly poor experience with this kit, was unimpressed with the Sera
kit and completely discouraged by the AP kit.  I recently beta-tested Dave
Gomberg's iron test kit, which, though extremely sensitive to non-chelated
iron, appears to have difficulty reading chelated iron.

> Speaking of LaMotte (and Hach) kits,  they do make a whole bunch.  If
> has a product number and some specifics on the ease of use at 0-.2 ppm, I
> would appreciate the info.  I think I saw one of the LaMotte Fe kits for

I just tried the Hach and Lamotte kits and decided on the Hach kit.  Hach
makes two low-range iron kits:
	Test Kit TPTZ Iron, Model IR-21, Low Range 0-0.1, 0-1.2 mg/L, Color
	Test Kit Iron Ferrozine Model IR-24, Low Range 0-0.2, 0-1.0 mg/L,
Color Disc
The Ferrozine kit uses the same chemical as Gomberg's kit.  The TPTZ kit
works beautifully - IMO the best kit on the market at any price.  It's only
available diretly from Hach (http://www.hach.com) at a paltry $62.50.  The
kit has unparalleled sensitivity in the low range, but reading a color wheel
takes patience and practice.

The Lamotte kit (7787 - Low Iron in Water Test Kit - $52 from Mail Order Pet
Shop) is less precise in the lowest range.  I find it pretty easy to read
(easier than the hach color wheel), but would like a finer scale.
Hope this helps.

michael rubin 
mrubin at visa_com
1(650) 432-4685